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Where Skill And Passion is.

 Store Hours & Location.

Monday                11am - 6:00pm 
Tuesday                11am - 6:00pm
Wednesday               - Closed - 
Thursday               11am - 6:00pm
Friday                   11am - 6:00pm
Saturday                11am - 6:00pm
Sunday                    - Closed - 

Closed Daily from 2:20 to 3:30


830 W. Southern Ave,
Mesa Az 85204

  Call or Text   
(480) 599-9997


Since we started doing eyebrows back in 2016 inside DesertSkyMall in Phoenix Az, Then moved to Tempe. We've dreamed of opening our own "permanent" small business! Where our customers could always find us! 

Now in 2021 we have made it official and have open our first location in Mesa Az!

From years of doing eyebrows, we always believe Eyebrow Threading and Waxing, was not just about removing the unwanted hairs! 

But about the shape and designs, our customers are trying to achieve or maintain.

We have carried our experience from our fast-paced locations to a spa-like environment and created MAD Brows!


Now! we are excited to WELCOME all New and Loyal customers to our new establishment

The Madbrows LLC!

Where skill and passion will always be!  



Eyebrow Threading                 $13

Individual Threading               $8
(upper lip, chin,Sideburns...)

FullFace                               $45


Eyebrow Wax             $15

Individual Wax.          $10
(upper lip, chin, Sideburns...)

Nose Wax                 $9

FullFace  Wax            $55



Eyebrow Tint
Brow Lamination


Lash Tint 
Fist Time Custemers

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